Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treviso, Italy

I had no idea what the restaurant was called, or what the name of the food I had at this place in Treviso, Italy. The plate of smoked octopus and some type of fish with fresh rasberry is drissled with olive oil and lemon juice. How simple!

I was alone there with of course no knowledge of italian. I somehow managed to say (or point with my index finger) "appertiser," "fish," and "please." and of course "wine, the red."

I got soooo addicted to the cured octopus and it also helped me drink 4 glasses of wine. After a while, all i remember was drinking local cherry liquir with the restaurant owner, who's name was Valdo. He kept on pinching my butt and speaking in Italian (or at least that's what i think he was speaking.)


KrisChau said...

Oh saya, traveling the world and having villages fall in love with you.

Treviso Tourism said...

Reading positive reviews and travel experiences is always a pleasure.

Treviso hotels said...

It is a good thing you picked such a nice place to enjoy your diner at.