Saturday, October 8, 2011

Night Market Chinatown - Dueling Pizza Trucks and Hotdog Skewer

I missed the last couple of these things since the first one on Passyunk where everything was closed by the time I got there and ended up eating wings at the Adobe Cafe. Anyway Chinatown is an AWESOME location for the Night Market and it really felt like a real market and not just a foodie PR event. They should do this once a week.

nomad's margherita

margherita from pitruco

One highlight was definitely the dueling brick oven pizza trucks. I wrote up Pitruco for Daily Slice but Nomad was good too, although it's a bit of a bummer that their truck is not going to be a full time thing (sit down restaurant opening next year or whatever). After that were several startlingly weak bandwagon asian-fusion things made by white people that didn't taste like anything. Then pulled pork sandwich from Geechee Girl that was DELICIOUS.

One of the best bites came from the front of Solo, a Chinatown skewer bar a few blocks south of the whole thing that had giant speakers blasting Chinese dance music and a skewer grill set up out front surrounded by a bunch of drunk dudes downing bottles of Coors Light.

The "mini hot dog" skewer was one dollar and the dogs were scored into a crazy pattern and basted in some delicious salty sweet glaze. The lamb was super spicy and sort of fatty in a couple bites but what do you want for 2 bucks?

And of course no trip to Chinatown is complete without a visit to our favorite asian-fusion hotel / bus terminal / sports bar Tazia for shots of "Drunken Pineapple Longsex".

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Jade Graham said...

but who fuckin cares? It's pizza. It's delicious. Eat it. Located in Victory Square Park. Food Truck Wedding