Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Curtis' Coney Island Famous Weiners

Curtis' Coney Island is in the old mining town of Cumberland, located in the narrowest western part of Maryland right between PA and West Virginia. It's been on Liberty St. since 1918, originally called Coney Island Lunch. George Giatras & his soon to be wife worked at the stand when it first opened. Their son Louis bought the business in 1969 and opened a second restaurant 5 doors down the block, and ran both places for at least 30 years. Lou's son Gino is now running the business at the newer location.

When I saw the lettering on the windows I knew we were in the right place. Amazing. You can see the dudes making the dogs right in the front window. Sit at the counter and watch the game (pittsburgh teams out here) and check out all the old signs & stuff on the walls. There's also booth seating (which was packed) and tons of people coming in for take-out. Super friendly & fast service too. This place isn't going anywhere.

The dogs here are "Coney Island Weiner" style which is pretty much the same as a "Texas Weiner" but without the greek flavors in the sauce. Also the dog was not split - as seems to be the custom in Philly and Central PA - but grilled whole. The actual dogs were super flavorful here. Side of crinkle-cut fries and Cherry Smash soda, awesome. They also do a fried fish tail sandwich and a chocolate rickey which I was informed is "just chocolate milk with ice cubes in it".

Cumberland was a little more "quaint" than Chambersburg but has a ton of amazing old signage and plenty of neck tattoos.
Check out some shots on flickr if you're interested.

Curtis' Coney Island Weiners
35 N Liberty St
Cumberland, MD 21502


Anonymous said...

My father was born and raised in Cumberland and ate those hot dogs regularly (and still today though he lives in McHenry now, but those hot dogs are worth driving for!). Anyway, he used to call them "sweats" because the guys making the hot dogs would line them up their arms to do the fixins and their arms were a bit "sweaty". He said it just made them taste even better! (don't worry germ-a-phobs, they don't do that anymore!)

I always stop both up and back from visiting my father (I live in VA) and get 30 dogs at a time. Here's a tip: if your ordering a lot to eat at a later time, don't have them steam the buns your not eating right away. That way they don't harden on the corners in the microwave. And when you order don't call it chili, it's sauce! And get it with mustard and onions! YUM!

AHHH, I wish I could order from them and have them mail to me here in VA! The cost would be sooo worth it! They're THAT good! Check them out! You'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

I was born and grew up in Cumberland, and never knew it as a mining town, although there was some mining in other parts of the county.

The store was on Baltimore Street and a lunch counter was on Liberty Street connecting to it... not at this location originally.

There is one thing we agree on, however... that that Curtis' is legendary and very hard to find a table when people come back to Cumberland for the holidays.

Crickette said...

The chocolate Ricky is actually chocolate syrup and coke with ice, not milk.